Crash Recovery System

Crash Recovery System – Know what's inside!

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In case of serious accidents seconds may make the difference between life and death, full recovery or a lifelong handicap. Emergency rescue teams have to be able to act immediately. Within the automotive industry, technological developments evolve at a high pace. The application of advanced materials, reinforced constructions and safety systems offer optimal protection in case of an accident.

The chances of getting away unharmed have increased considerably through these developments. But with these improvements, it has also become more difficult for rescue teams to extricate people from vehicles involved in a crash. This transforms safety components into new barriers to both passengers and rescue workers. Non-inflated Airbags, stored gas inflators and alternative propulsion systems with new characteristics are just examples of potential dangers. Localising and identifying these components during the rescue operation is therefore of prime importance. This is not an easy task, because these features differ with every make and model. Apart from that, new models and safety features are developed constantly. Very hard for rescue teams to keep up with!