Crash Recovery System in 3D |
Friday, February 26th 2016
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Crash Recovery System in 3D

Newsletter February 2016

This month, we have the pleasure of updating you on the three-dimensional developments in which Moditech Rescue Solutions BV is currently involved. Our aim is to give an even more faithful representation of our vehicles, which is where 3D can provide excellent support.

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Moditech Rescue Solutions BV is continuously working to improve the Crash Recovery System (CRS) and to expand it with new technologies and features. At this moment, we are carrying out studies on the three-dimensional representation of vehicles from the CRS database. The information gained should enable us to more accurately reflect the location of safety components, and the image can easily be rotated around its axis so that the vehicle can be viewed in detail from all sides. In the future, we will be able to add other features to the 3D images that can help emergency workers work even faster, safer and more accurately. See below our initial 3D sketches of a Tesla Model S.


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