CRS Standard Full Edition |

CRS Standard Full Edition

The Crash Recovery System Standard Full Edition shows an interactive top and side view of the vehicle, indicating the exact location of rescue relevant equipment in various color schemes. Additional information can be displayed to indicate how to safely disable these systems during rescue operations. To select a vehicle in the Standard Full Edition it is necessary to choose the make, model, bodystyle and modelyear of the vehicle on the self-explaining CRS user interface.  

CRS Standard Full Edition product features list:

  • Manual vehicle selection
  • Interactive graphics showing location and deactivation procedures of safety components and propulsion systems
  • Access a comprehensive database including all airbag equipped passenger cars. Database for Australasia, Europe and North America available
  • Latest technology included (hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles, new airbag technologies and advanced steel reinforcements)
  • Quick and easy access to all rescue relevant vehicle information
  • Access deactivation information to disable the propulsion and restraint systems within seconds
  • Base extrication plans on the actual vehicle equipment to save valuable time
  • Monthly updates



Below a short video that explains what's in the datasheet.

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