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Download CRS for iOS

Release date: 
Monday, February 26, 2018
Release notes: 

1.) New Apple Provisioning profile (expires 23-Feb-2019).

1.) Message solved saying iCRS slows down the device and/or incompatible with future iOS versions.

1.) New Apple Provisioning profile (expires 21-Apr-2018).
2.) Improved communication with new Moditech online services.
3.) Automatic validation of site license clients.
4.) Final release of iCRS for iOS 7 and lower.

1.) New Apple Provisioning profile (expires 07-Jun-2017).
​2.) License agreement under License management.

CRS for iOS is the full Crash Recovery System product made available on the iOS platform. During installation you can install the full product using your personal license code or install the demo version.

The demo of the Crash Recovery System shows you the information on the safety features in a couple of example vehicles, such as location, functioning principle and instructions for deactivation. Besides that you see in one screen the potential dangers present for victim(s), and/or rescue workers. With this information the rescue workers and other rescue personell can extract victims rapidly and especially safely from the vehicles. The demo contains sample vehicles from the European, United Kingdom (right-hand drive) and North American database. You can easily switch between the different databases.