New points of attention for rescue workers |
Jeudi 30 novembre 2017
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New points of attention for rescue workers

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This month we would like to inform you about two new points of concern for rescue workers that can be found in the Audi A8 L (2017), added to the Crash Recovery System database in October. The centre airbag is a new type of airbag that is located in the rear shelf and the driver’s seat of the Audi A8 L. In addition, we are also discussing the increasingly common 48V battery as a power source in today’s vehicles. Finally, as of this month it is possible to request Belgian license plates for users of the Crash Recovery System in Belgium.

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More and more modern vehicles are using a 48V battery in addition to a 12V battery, as the 12V system is not sufficient for the latest electrical technologies that these vehicles use. The first vehicles with the higher voltage are already on the market. Examples include the Audi SQ7 and A8, the Porsche Panamera as well as the Renault Scenic and Grand Scenic. It is expected that in 2020, four million new vehicles with a 48V ‘mild hybrid’ drive will be on the road worldwide.

Parallel network
Larger vehicles, in particular, that are equipped with many active and passive safety systems as well as comfort-enhancing systems, demand more voltage. The 48V system does not replace the 12V system, but supplements it. For many electricity consuming devices, such as electric windows for example, a 48V voltage source is too much. The 48V system works in parallel with the existing 12V system. How the two systems are linked can vary. In most systems, they are two separate networks, each with its own battery.

Precautionary measures
The Crash Recovery System indicates how the 48V battery can be disconnected if possible (see example Audi A8). Always consult the Crash Recovery System for the right information! Double click the battery icon to see information about the relative voltage. The Audi A8 L (2017) has been added in the October 2017 database update. Make sure your database is up to date!



In our latest database update, the Audi A8 (2017) has been added to the Crash Recovery System. On our Facebook page ( we have already published the vehicle image from the Crash Recovery System and indicated that this vehicle is equipped with a new development in the area of airbag systems: the ‘centre airbag’, which is placed in the rear shelf and the driver’s seat.

These centre airbags are optional and only for the Audi A8 L. The L stands for long wheelbase (limousine). This model has two luxury seats in the back instead of one back seat.

The placement of this centre airbag is possible because no third passenger can be transported in the back. This airbag comes from the rear shelf and fills up the space between the two passengers. This prevents these passengers from coming into contact with each other in the event of an accident. The centre airbag is activated simultaneously with the curtain airbag and seat airbag. The centre airbag in the driver’s seat prevents the driver from coming into contact with the passenger.

Key points to note
The two centre airbags are not activated in all types of accidents! This means that the centre airbags may not be activated and the rescue worker may have to deactivate them during an incident. In the Crash Recovery System we provide step-by-step instructions when you double-click on the ‘centre airbag’ icon.



It is clear that the end is not yet in sight when it comes to airbag development. We will keep you informed of the latest developments in modern vehicle technology! TIP: You can find a completely different but interesting development in airbag systems here



We are proud to announce that as of this month, you can now request Belgian license plates as a Crash Recovery System user in Belgium. We are offering this service in cooperation with our partner in Belgium: ASTRID. Users of our Crash Recovery System have access to Belgian license plates through the use of a Blue Light Mobile SIM card from ASTRID. This option greatly simplifies the selection of the right vehicle within our CRS RDW Edition. In this edition it is still possible to manually request the vehicle by brand, model and year of construction, in addition to selection by license plate. Do you want to test the feature? Please contact us on