Award for M.A.N. autonomous trucks |
Thursday, November 29th 2018
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Award for M.A.N. autonomous trucks

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In this edition of our newsletter, we look at an award-winning innovation from MAN and let you know more about the Range Extender in the BMW i3, which will soon belong to the past. 

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MAN has recently won several awards. The manufacturer received an Innovation Award for the creation of the aFAS, an autonomous safety vehicle (road line striping truck) for roadworks on motorways.

The MAN road line striping truck uses car-to-car communication and therefore automatically follows another truck at a preset distance. In addition, the vehicle also follows the lines on the road surface. The arrow car is completely autonomous (self-propelled, driverless) and drives in the emergency lane to protect road workers from the traffic behind.

Every year, a large number of road line striping trucks are involved in accidents, with traffic often crashing into the truck at high speed. This leads to many injuries and even deaths. The aFAS (“Automatisch fahrerlos fahrendes Absicherungsfahrzeug für Arbeitsstellen auf Bundesautobahnen” - automatic driverless safety vehicle for motorway works) increases safety and decreases the risk of personal injury.

Image: truck driven into a road line striping truck and road sweeping vehicle

A MAN TGM truck was used in the development of the aFAS. This truck is already included in the Crash Recovery System. The aFAS edition itself is not yet included, since this is still a test vehicle. This test vehicle has completed 4,000 test kilometres, with the system operating faultlessly on public roads. When actual production will start is still unclear. With the aFAS, MAN is taking an important step towards autonomous driving in a segment where it can be of vital importance.

Illustration: MAN TGM for the aFAS in the CRS

Watch the video, which also shows an emergency stop button on the dashboard to switch off the vehicle.

MAN developed the aFAS in cooperation with the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, the motorway research institute BASt, Hessen Mobil street and traffic management, the universities of Karlsruhe and Braunschweig and the suppliers ZF TRW, WABCO and Bosch Automotive Steering.

BMW is ending production of the i3 with Range Extender. This model is equipped with a 650cc two-cylinder petrol engine that activates when the battery pack is nearly empty (range extender). The so-called i3 REX version. Very few of the REX version have been sold in the Netherlands because the Range Extender in this i3 model makes it a plug-in hybrid and has fewer tax benefits. Worldwide, the demand for the i3 REX was also limited. Most buyers opt for a fully electric version.   

120 Ah (ampere-hours) battery pack
The first version of the BMW i3 was equipped with a 60 Ah/22.6 kWh battery. In 2017, this battery was replaced by a 94 Ah/33 kWh battery that gave the i3 and the i3s a WLTP operating range of 235 - 255 and 235 - 245 kilometres respectively. WLTP stands for Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure. The new 120 Ah/42.2 kWh battery (2018) increases the range to 285 - 310 kilometres for the i3 and 270 - 285 kilometres for the i3s. This greater range, in combination with the increasing availability of charging points, has resulted in BMW making the decision to stop the production of the i3 REX.

Illustration: BMW i3 Range Extender 2013-2015

PLEASE NOTE! The version with a Range Extender can be recognised by a fuel tank in the front of the vehicle and a fuel lid cover on the front left.

Illustration: BMW i3 EV 2013-2015

In the illustration above no fuel tank or fuel lid cover are visible, indicating that this is a fully electric version without the Range Extender.

PLEASE NOTE! BMW i3´s constructed from 2015 onwards have a service/emergency cable.

   Service/emergency deactivation cable



Illustration: BMW i3 EV 2015-2018

IMPORTANT! By clicking on the icon above, the rescuer will receive important information about deactivating the electrical drive system in emergency situations.

Illustration: Advice page service/emergency deactivation cable BMW i3 EV 2015-2018



Image of the image buttons with the connection points for charging with the cable underneath: