Available for all common mobile operating systems.
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Official OEM partner

Unmatched online update frequency in our data for the Crash Recovery System.
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Training programs

Including modern vehicle technology and alternative propulsion systems.
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Know what's inside.Act with confidence.

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The Crash Recovery System for smarter operations

In the automotive industry new developments and technologies are evolving quickly. The use of high-strength steel, additional reinforcements and numerous safety restraint systems in modern vehicles provide excellent protection of the occupants during a crash.

Faster response, safer outcome

Using this vehicle information system at the scene of an accident, emergency responders can easily access all rescue relevant information about the vehicle. Moditech Rescue Solutions B.V. offers first responders the missing link in emergency response: digital vehicle information available on all mobile computer platforms like Windows, iOS and Android.

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Latest company news andupdates on our system

Here you will find a diverse range of articles and insights on various topics related to the Crash Recovery System and Moditech as a company. Our team work tirelessly to provide you with informative, engaging, and thought-provoking content that will keep you informed and inspired.

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Moditech Rescue Solutions acquired by Bliksund from Norway

We are proud to inform you about a new phase in the history of Moditech Rescue Solutions: our company has been acquired
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Trade Fairs and Events 2024

Trade fairs and events are a great interactive, practical stage on which to present, demonstrate and let users experiment with these product innovations.
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CRS Preview: JCB electric construction vehicles

We increasingly see electrically powered construction vehicles on construction sites, where clean technology and reducing harmful emissions are important issues.
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We have a new website!

We are very proud to announce that we have a new website. Thanks to a completely new and fresh design, the website now looks...
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Database Update Crash Recovery System January 2024

A new database update of the Crash Recovery System is available for download; it concerns the January update with version number 31-Jan-2024-01.
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Expected new vehicles for 2024

Many new vehicles are again expected to be registered in 2024. Manufacturers are betting massively on alternatively powered vehicles to expand their range or...
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