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Rescue information

With the Crash Recovery System, emergency responders can easily access all vehicle safety information directly at the scene of the accident.

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Download CRS

Here you can download the Crash Recovery System for Android, iOS or Windows. After installing this application, the relevant edition of the Crash Recovery System can be selected.

User Guides

These manuals explains how to install the Crash Recovery System on a Windows device or Android. Also we provide a User Manual for CRS.

Testing our VR Training App

Training with modern vehicles without actually having to have them at the fire department? With the Moditech VR training App you can practice emergency response in a virtual environment!




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Moditech Crash Recovery System

The system to know what's inside!

Know what’s inside

Interactive graphics with deactivation procedures.
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Available for all common mobile operating systems.
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Official OEM partner

Unmatched online update frequency in our data for the Crash Recovery System.
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Training programs

Including modern vehicle technology and alternative propulsion systems.
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What does a first responder need to know when such a vehicle is involved in an accident? What exactly are the challenges and hazards that such vehicles present?

What do rescue workers need to now to respond safely and efficiently, but most important, what knowledge is irrelevant and overkill? It is the mission of Moditech Rescue Solutions B.V. to provide the relevant tools and knowledge required to effectively respond to today’s traffic accidents around the world.

We've updated our database

January 2021

The January update includes a wide variety of vehicles in addition to the current Crash Recovery System offering.

In our database for passenger cars we added, the Audi A3 TFSI e and the Q5 Sportsback.

Also the A3 TFSI 3 is included. The BMW 8-series, the Ford Mustang Mach E, the new Hyundai i30 and the Mercedes GLC Hybrid Plus and Plug in Hybrid are also included.

From the VW Group, we added the Seat Leon and the Leon Plug-in Hybrid. The Skoda Octavia PHEV, IV and IV PHEV. The VW GolfVIII, the Caddy L1 and L2 the T3 and the VW VIII GTE.

We have also added a Volkswagen T3 of Schilder Electric. This company converts old-timers to electric vehicles. The engine is removed during this process and replaced with a package of high voltage batteries and components. The challenge for first responders is the recognition of these aftermarket converts vehicles.

At this vehicle, the number plate can be used to select this correct model!

The Suzuki Across PHEV SUV is added and the Swace Hybrid and of course the new Toyota Mirai and RAV4 PHEV.


From the company Holthausen we added the VW e-Crafter and Transporter.

The Volkswagen Holthausen e-Crafter that has been converted to a hydrogen van and contains a large H2 tank in the back of the van. The same applies to the transporter that Holthausen transformed, but instead of one tank, this vehicle contains two tanks located in the middle of the van. The biggest point of interest is the location of the high voltage components, the cabling and vent line routing. The potential risk when the battery pack leaks due to an accident is a thermal runaway! First responders should always check the development of the battery temperature during extrication.

The eBusco 2.2 Frankfurt and the Setra are added to the Crash Recovery System.

Make sure you are up-to-date and install this update via the update management in the settings of your Crash Recovery System.

Crash Recovery System – Know what’s inside, see what to do!

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