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Rescue information

With the Crash Recovery System, emergency responders can easily access all vehicle safety information directly at the scene of the accident.

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Download CRS

Here you can download the Crash Recovery System for Android, iOS or Windows. After installing this application, the relevant edition of the Crash Recovery System can be selected.

User Guides

These manuals explains how to install the Crash Recovery System on a Windows device or Android. Also we provide a User Manual for CRS.

Testing our VR Training App

Practicing emergency response with the latest vehicles in a VR environment! To be released in 2020.
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Moditech Crash Recovery System

The system to know what's inside!

Know what’s inside

Interactive graphics with deactivation procedures.
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Available for all common mobile operating systems.
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Official OEM partner

Unmatched online update frequency in our data for the Crash Recovery System.
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Training programs

Including modern vehicle technology and alternative propulsion systems.
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Moditech CRS Promo

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What does a first responder need to know when such a vehicle is involved in an accident? What exactly are the challenges and hazards that such vehicles present?

What do rescue workers need to now to respond safely and efficiently, but most important, what knowledge is irrelevant and overkill? It is the mission of Moditech Rescue Solutions B.V. to provide the relevant tools and knowledge required to effectively respond to today’s traffic accidents around the world.

We've updated our database

July 2020

The update of July includes multiple vehicles for all vehicle databases.

Passenger vehicles
For the passenger vehicle database we have added a number of vehicles with alternatively propulsion systems like the Audi A8 Plug-in Hybrid, the Honda Jazz Hybrid, the Kia Ceed Plug-in Hybrid (see image), the Mercedes-Benz GLE-Coupe Plug-in Hybrid, the Polestar 2 and Volkswagen ID.3. Multiple vehicles in our update have in common that they have one or two centre airbags which will be an extra point of attention for first responders.

The truck database is extended with the first series production Electric Volvo, the FE Electric.

The bus database is extended with the Alexander Dennis Enviro 400H MMC driving in London. From the manufacturer VDL we have added 3 SLFA-E models; the SLF-120 of Unibuss Ruter and the SLFA-E 181 of Avinor.

Special vehicles
The Special vehicle database is updated with the Navya Shuttle Evo, the Schmidt eSeingo 200+, Bellier models and the Leffert models of Frisian Motors. Make sure you are up-to-date and install this update through the update management section of your setting!

Crash Recovery System – Know what’s inside, see what to do!

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