Meet the world's most advanced
Crash Recovery Solution

We empower first responders, rescue personnel, and vehicle recovery services to act safely and efficiently and rescue more lives!

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Download CRS

Here you can download the Crash Recovery System for Android, iOS or Windows. After installing this application, the relevant edition of the Crash Recovery System can be selected.

User Guides

These manuals explains how to install the Crash Recovery System on a Windows device or Android. Also we provide a User Manual for CRS.

VR Training App

Training with modern vehicles without actually having to have them at the fire department? With the Moditech VR training App you can practice emergency response in a virtual environment!

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Moditech Crash Recovery System

The system to know what's inside!

Know what’s inside

Interactive graphics with deactivation procedures.
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Available for all common mobile operating systems.
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Official OEM partner

Unmatched online update frequency in our data for the Crash Recovery System.
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Training programs

Including modern vehicle technology and alternative propulsion systems.
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Know what's Inside. Act with Confidence!

In an emergency, every second counts. But when it comes to modern vehicles, the stakes are even higher. You may not always know what to expect or how to handle these vehicles. This presents new safety risks and unwanted delays. That’s why we developed the Crash Recovery System. Using our digital vehicle information system, first responders can quickly and easily access all rescue-relevant information about the vehicle.

By knowing exactly what’s inside the vehicle, responders can act safely and efficiently to rescue more lives!


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