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our training philosophy

Keeping pace with the speed of new developments in vehicle technology is a difficult task for members of the fire and emergency services. This is especially true when it is about understanding how the new technologies may affect emergency operations on a new vehicle. These training programs utilize the knowledge of Moditech Rescue Solutions’ experts to develop comprehensive training courses and present them in a practical manner.

Our programs...

  • …are cutting edge because of Moditech’s constant communication and interaction with both the automotive industry and the fire and emergency services.
  • …have a high relevance to what rescuers encounter in the street. Our practical training uses a combination of real-world case studies, demonstration objects, activities, and (virtual) scenario training.
  • …are focused on teaching practical solutions, not on the presentation of potential problem or challenges. Moditech’s solution-oriented approach is teaching what emergency responders really “need to know”.

A course book and other supporting materials will be provided to the participants for self-study and for the preparation of own training programs.

Our instructors

At Moditech Rescue Solutions, the learning is not just about what we teach. It is about what people understand and remember, and what they can use in the field. To ensure this, we base our training on learning principles that optimise behaviour and improve performance.

The learning effect also heavily relies on how messages are delivered and if they are deemed trustworthy by the receiver. This is why we strongly believe that people working in the operation needs to be trained by instructors that have operational experience and hence knows the reality of an emergency responder. Our instructors all have an operational background and are regularly trained by our new vehicle technology experts.

Our instructors are our most important and valuable asset. Their skills, knowledge, behaviour and ability to communicate are the key to deliver “a better learning experience” for our customers. We train to improve safety and performance excellence in the operations of our customers.

Certified instructor program

Moditech’s Certified Instructor Program, gives a client’s internal extrication instructors the knowledge and skills needed to effectively deliver Crash Recovery System courses. Participants will regularly attend intense hands-on workshops where they get to know the latest in vehicle technology in regards to vehicle rescue and extrication. Participants learn to use the Crash Recovery System with maximum impact and to incorporate the Crash Recovery System in the emergency response process and emergency services training. Once certified, instructors will regularly receive updates on new vehicle technology, training materials and virtual reality scenarios helping them to build professional and up-to date training programs.

Are you interested in taking one of our courses or would you be interested in hosting a course at your location? Are you interested in learning more about the Certified instructor program? Please contact us ( or +31 (0)226 412 900) for more information. Courses are available in English, German or Dutch and can be adapted to meet the customer’s needs.