Interactive datasheet with clickable components and safety systems.

Using the Crash Recovery System at the scene of an accident, emergency responders can easily access all rescue relevant information about the vehicle. Moditech Rescue Solutions B.V. offers first responders the missing link in emergency response: the latest digital vehicle information available on all mobile computer platforms like Windows, iOS and Android.

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A better outcome is in your hands. Literally.

  • Airbags
  • Stored gas inflators (location: head airbags)
  • Belt pretensioners
  • Reinforcements
  • Rollbar-security
  • Battery
  • SRS control units
  • Crash sensors
  • Seat Occupancy Sensor
  • Fuel tank
  • Special truck and bus components, such as the suspension of the chassis or the seat adjustment
  • Alternative propulsion, such as fuel cells, battery pack, fuel tank and associated deactivation procedures
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Save time and increase safety

What does a first responder need to know when a vehicle is involved in an accident? What exactly are the challenges and hazards that such vehicles present? What do rescue workers need to now to respond safely and efficiently, but most important, what knowledge is irrelevant and overkill?

It is the mission of Moditech Rescue Solutions to provide real-time vehicle (safety) information to first responders, rescue personnel and vehicle recovery services worldwide.

Clickable components and safety systems in an interactive datasheet

In the graphic display, component information and deactivation procedures are easily accessible by clicking on the component of choice in the diagram. With this unique functionality, the Crash Recovery System® ensures an effective and safe extrication process and supports first responders in choosing the best and safest methods.

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Master modern vehicle rescue techniques with specialized training programs

The best tools are of little use if the people who work with them are not familiar with the way they should work. It is for this reason that Moditech Rescue Solutions B.V. has been offering several different training courses. In these courses, emergency responders will become familiar with the many variations and unique features they need to be aware of when dealing with modern vehicles during emergency incidents.

These training programs are about much more than just using the Crash Recovery System as they explain Moditech Rescue Solutions’ philosophy of using all available resources to their maximum effect.

Available CRS Editions

Rescue – Vehicle Extrication

Moditech Rescue Solutions - rescue-vehicle-extrication-lite-edition

Lite Edition

This edition contains static datasheets with the information overview of vehicles without background information.
Moditech Rescue Solutions - rescue-vehicle-extrication-full-edition

Full Edition

Select a vehicle from the CRS database by entering the license plate number or VIN number.
Moditech Rescue Solutions - rescue-vehicle-extrication-standard-edition

Standard Edition

Shows an interactive top and side view of the vehicle, indicating the exact location of rescue relevant equipment in various color schemes.
Moditech Rescue Solutions - rescue-vehicle-extrication-integrated-solutions

Integrated Solutions

Integrate our CRS with other software or your own application.

Road Assist – Towing & Recovery

Moditech Rescue Solutions - road-assist-towing-recovery-standard-edition

Standard Edition

Datasheet with essential information about the location and handling procedures of the relevant components.
Moditech Rescue Solutions - road-assist-towing-recovery-full-edition

Full Edition

Enhanced version of the Standard Edition. Select a vehicle from the CRS database by entering the license plate number or VIN number.