4 June 2024
Road Assist Edition

Due to the increasing number of vehicles with modern vehicle technology and alternative drives, not only first responders, but also roadside assistance and towing services benefit from specific vehicle information that enables them to act quickly and safely. The Road Assist Edition of the Crash Recovery System contains all relevant information for salvagers and towing services, including deactivation information of modern powertrains.

Road Assist components
The CRS Road Assist Edition contains specific components that are important for salvagers. The interactive top and side views show all relevant components (shown in green) such as towing eye, on-board diagnostics system, starting assist, inertia switch, fuse box, the procedure for mechanically releasing the automatic gearbox and the (electric) parking brake in one overview.

In the case of a hybrid or electric vehicle, the salvager is immediately informed of deactivation procedures after selecting the vehicle. Additional information is easily accessible by clicking on the various components in the vehicle image.

By clicking on the ‘Recovery’ button, additional (manufacturer) information is visible (if available), including online PDF documentation.

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