4 June 2024

Joining Bliksund, gives our Crash Recovery System users the possibility to get to know 3 other software solutions for the rescue industry that Bliksund has to offer. After IncidentShare and GRID, we would now like to introduce EWA.

Bliksund EWA (Emergency Worker Assistant) is an electronic Patient Care Reporting solution for ambulance services and a real-time live view board for the emergency room providing updated patient status throughout the emergency care chain. The solution, developed in close cooperation with healthcare professionals, secures accurate and complete recording of patient information, effective flow of communication, and improved patient care and safety.

The system consists of a tablet-based app for use in ambulances, a live-view display in emergency departments, a medical record server for secure storage of patient data, as well as integration with emergency operations centers.

EWA is a state-of-the-art electronic patient care reporting application with a user-friendly interface. EWA accommodates a fully touch-based user experience built on smart tiles, with built-in suggestions for structured data input. Only essential information is displayed on the smart tiles, providing emergency professionals with relevant information about the patient and mission at all times.

Click here to read more about EWA on the Bliksund website.

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