2 May 2024

Joining Bliksund, gives our Crash Recovery System users the possibility to get to know 3 other software solutions for the rescue industry that Bliksund has to offer. After IncidentShare last month, this month, we would like to introduce GRID.

Bliksund GRID is an intuitive, complete and user-friendly operational solution that streamlines your processes and resources. You get an overview of your crew, resources, competence and exercises, as well as shared procedures, guidelines and communication support.

The GRID solution is modular and developed by, and for, emergency professionals, including the fire and rescue services. It can be tailored to your organisation’s needs, always keeping the user experience in mind.

The system is accessible from desktop and mobile, with updated checklists and practice guidelines, and is available offline. GRID makes it easy to keep track of resources such as equipment and vehicles, write incident reports, shift reports and more.

You have access to what you need when you need it.

Click here to read more about GRID on the Bliksund website.

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