4 April 2024

Joining Bliksund, gives our Crash Recovery System users the possibility to get to know 3 other software solutions for the rescue industry that Bliksund has to offer. This month we would like to introduce one of them: IncidentShare.

IncidentShare is a secure, intuitive and fast solution for reception, management and sharing of real-time video. It is developed in close collaboration with users within the fire and rescue, police, healthcare and insurance. Real-time video gives you a better overview of the incident and ensures that everyone quickly obtains common situational awareness.

Through a virtual presence, you are able to free up valuable time and ensure quick exchange of information and efficient collaboration. You are able to respond quickly to an emergency, send the right crew with the right equipment, skills and training. This way, you can manage the incident effectively, quickly assess the situation and coordinate appropriately.

Recently, Bliksund added a chat feature in video calls. Incorporating chat in video calls can enhance call centre operations and help the callers feel more secure. Another key advantage is that it allows the call operator to effectively communicate with the caller even when there is bad reception or excessive noise. In such cases, the chat feature can act as a backup communication channel, ensuring the conversation continues smoothly.

First CRS user that also uses IncidentShare
Last month the fire department of Brussels implemented IncidentShare in their dispatch center and fire trucks. Together with the CRS they have a valuable combined tool available to act quickly and safely in case of an accident. Click here to read more about their experience with IncidentShare.

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