4 June 2024
for the CRS
Monthly App update

Since Moditech carries on continuously and proactively developing the Crash Recovery System, a new App update has been available every quarter until now. That will now change. Starting this month, you can expect a new release from us every month for Windows and the mobile versions of Android and iOS.

A test version will first be available every month before the final release will be available for download. This can be done as usual from our website (Windows), Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS).

Number plate searches
In addition to some bug fixes, two striking changes will be noticeable in the next CRS App update. Firstly, due to the takeover by Bliksund, the Crash Recovery System has a new logo. Keep this in mind when starting the App from your desktop or home screen. In addition, changes have been made to enable number plate searches for new countries. Several countries are about to become available for number plate searches in the CRS, of which France will be the first. As soon as the upcoming App update is available, we will communicate this through our newsletter and social media channels.

If you have any questions or would like support in updating the CRS, please direct your questions to our support department: crs.support@bliksund.com

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