4 July 2024
Now French number plates can also be queried in CRS!

We are more than happy to make it a lot easier for first responders in countries where number plate queries in the Crash Recovery System are not yet possible to quickly and easily query the correct vehicle. This way of querying saves valuable time during rescue operations, allowing first responders to quickly, safely and efficiently save the life of the occupant(s).

Thanks to the implementation of some technical changes, number plate queries have been made possible for new countries. After installing the most recent app update of the Crash Recovery System (June 2024), the selection procedure with number plate query is now also available in France (a CRS Full Edition licence is required for this).This means that from now on vehicles with a French number plate can be queried.

In the Selection with number plate screen, the registration number of the relevant vehicle can be entered, or the number plate can be scanned using the device’s camera. Thanks to our Vehicle Identification Service (VIS), the number plate is forwarded to the correct data provider, ideally resulting in a single search result.

Following France, other countries are also about to become available for number plate queries in the Crash Recovery System. This year we will add this capability to the list for Spain and Italy.

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