22 January 2024
in the CRS
Vehicle weight available

Vehicle weight has become available in the Crash Recovery System. After installing the newest software update (December 2023) of the CRS, when retrieving a vehicle through vehicle selection via the registration number or chassis number, the weight (if registered with the data provider) will also be visible in the Rescue sheet.

For first responders at the scene of an accident, knowing the weight of a vehicle can be very useful for several reasons. When a vehicle is in the water, for example, it is quick and easy to determine which crane to use to lift the vehicle out of the water. Weight information can also be very useful for roadside assistance and salvage companies.

The weight of the vehicle will be visible in the blue title bar of the Rescue Sheet after the software update. By adding weight as additional information to the Crash Recovery System, we expect first responders, roadside assistance and salvagers to be able to act even more safely and efficiently!

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