9 February 2024
New website!
We have a

We are very proud to announce that we have a new website. Thanks to a completely new and fresh design, the website now looks completely different from what you are used to, but of course still contains all the information you are looking for.

What has changed on the new website?
To start with, the site has a modern design that matches the new Moditech corporate identity. The website has become clearer, more organised and easier to read. That makes searching for everything on our site easier. As far as we are concerned, the objective of improving the accessibility of the website has been achieved.

Training materials available online
We also offer the various materials used during training and exercises via our website. You can find them under Training Downloads in the Training menu item, after you have requested the required password from us.


Can’t find something, or is something wrong? Or would you like to let us know what you think of our new website? Please email us at: marketing@moditech.com

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