4 July 2024
Bliksund and Wrightbus sign partnership agreement

Following many other vehicle manufacturers, Wrightbus has also opted for a partnership with Bliksund (formerly Moditech). Bliksund and the British bus manufacturer, which is completely committed to sustainability with the production of fully electric, hybrid and hydrogen buses, recently joined forces for an intensive collaboration that will benefit both parties.

Government body Transport for London previously announced that all buses operating in the greater London area must be included in the Crash Recovery System, which Wrightbus also sees as necessary.

Thanks to the collaboration, all comprehensive safety information from Wrightbus, such as the locations of key components and deactivation procedures, will be available to first responders in the Crash Recovery System’s interactive Rescue Sheets.

The first Wrightbus has already been included in the Buses category of the CRS database. It is the fully electric StreetDeck Electroliner double-decker bus. More buses with alternative propulsion from the Wrightbus range are of course scheduled to be added to the CRS database.

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