2 May 2024
Zeekr autonomous robotaxi
CRS Preview:

Ride-hailing services – connecting passengers and local drivers who own vehicles via online platforms or apps – are rapidly gaining in popularity. At Waymo, a mobility service active in the United States, drivers are no longer part of the equation. Zeekr, which recently launched models 001 and X, developed an autonomous robotic taxi for Waymo.

The Chinese company, Geely (also known for brands such as Volvo, Polestar and Lynk & Co), announced in December 2021 that Zeekr would collaborate with Waymo to develop and deliver fully electric, autonomous ride-hailing vehicles. The vehicle, integrated with Waymo’s technology, is expected to be put into use this year.

Crash Recovery System
Safety is top priority at Waymo. Thanks to our excellent collaboration with Zeekr, we are working to make all essential safety information available to emergency responders in the Crash Recovery System. In addition to this information, in the form of an interactive vehicle drawing, we will also produce the ISO-compliant Rescue Sheet and Emergency Response Guide for the autonomous robotaxi.

Moditech Crash Recovery System: Know what’s Inside. Act with Confidence!