7 March 2024
in the CRS
Mercedes-Benz eActros 600

The largest all-electric Mercedes-Benz truck, the eActros 600, is available in the Crash Recovery System. Thanks to intensive cooperation between Moditech Rescue Solutions and Daimler Truck AG, the right, essential vehicle information for first responders could be created.

Importance of good information exchange
Good cooperation offers benefits for both parties. Daimler Trucks endorses the importance of information exchange regarding vehicle safety for first responders. Our intensive cooperation makes accurate and up-to-date information from Daimler Trucks available to first responders on time. Conversely, Moditech is an expert partner in creating OEM Rescue Sheets according to the ISO-17840 standard.

eActros 600
The latest example is the eActros 600, which features two electric motors and three battery packs, each with a capacity of 207 kWh. All crucial vehicle information from this truck is now available to first responders in an interactive CRS rescuesheet. This includes disabling direct hazards and all relevant information for salvagers and towing services.

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