22 January 2024
Agromec 700 Vario Electric
CRS Preview

Netherlands-based Fendt importer Agromec has partnered with ECE (Electric Construction Equipment) to develop an all-electric tractor. An innovative concept and a different way of working are at the heart of this new tractor. The Agromec 700 Vario Electric, as the tractor is called, will soon be available in the Moditech Crash Recovery System.

ECE Powerbox
The basis for the electric tractor is the sixth-generation Fendt 720 Vario. The tractor can run electrically with an internal battery pack of 70 kWh. This allows driving to the work site with a charging station, where a more extensive battery of 140 kWh can easily be connected. This ECE Powerbox is also used for the Doosan DX165W Electric added to the CRS earlier, where two 140 kWh Powerboxes are used. Once the Powerbox is empty, it can easily be swapped for a second Powerbox.

Crash Recovery System
All vehicle information required for first responders on the Agromec 700 Vario Electric, such as the exact location of components and deactivation method, will soon be available in an interactive CRS Rescue Sheet. The tractor will be found in the Agricultural Vehicles category and queryable via the license plate selection.

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